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The plains as far as the eye can see begin to unfold along the Tagus. If to the north the rhythm is marked by the green of the meadow, further south the landscape combines with sun, heat and a measured rhythm. It's Alentejo.

To the north, horses graze in the marshland; in the vast interior, the immense plain, golden cornfields rippling in the wind; on the coast, wild beaches, of wild and unexplored beauty.

The breadth of the landscape is intersected by cork oaks or olive trees that resist time. Santarém is a natural viewpoint over the immensity of the Tagus. Here and there stands a walled enclosure, like Marvão or Monsaraz, or the antiquity of a tapir recalling the magic of the place. On the hills, one-story and white houses crown small elevations, castles evoke struggles and conquests, and courtyards and gardens attest to Arab influences, which shaped people and nature.

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