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Each city in Thuringia is a unique historical center with many attractions, museums, theaters and other cultural and entertainment facilities. The capital of the province is the city of Erfurt located in the heart of Germany. Since ancient times, it has been the most important commercial and industrial area; In the Middle Ages it was famous for its universities. Today, visitors can see magnificent half-timbered houses and buildings in the Renaissance style, the famous Thuringian Bridge and many other notable historical buildings.

Thuringia's public transport system is well developed, you can comfortably travel throughout the region by electric trains and buses. It is worth noting that the railway runs through an incredibly beautiful area, so the usual train trip can turn into a fascinating excursion.

On this occasion wThuringia is an area that has not been talked about much in terms of tourism, but it will still be surprising. We encourage you to visit it and be surprised, above all, by its vast forests with mountain peaks and medieval towns.

We assure you that it is a worthwhile getaway, with a pleasant climate all year round.e invite you to walk through the incredible natural space of the Hainich National Park, in Schönstedt.

Traveling by Bus

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