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How to participate in TUR4all

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We would like to invite you to become a TUR4all user and contribute to the promotion of accessible tourism in Spain and the world.

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We need you! We want you to help us collect information on the accessibility features of tourist establishments and services in your town or those you visit during your holidays.

We invite you to become a TUR4all user and contribute to the promotion of accessible tourism in Spain and the world; so that more people can travel, enjoy tourist destinations and participate in leisure activities like any other tourist.

In TUR4all travellers are the protagonists and they can:

  • Include new tourism establishments and services on the platform, with a short questionnaire on accessibility features for all people.
  • Complete information on establishments entered by other users.
  • Rate tourism resources from one to five stars on the level of accessibility and attention to the public with accessibility needs.
  • Mark as favourites those establishments that you use most frequently or that you want to recommend.

In addition, you can become an ambassador of TUR4all in your locality or organization, promoting the use of the application among your friends, family or colleagues, also by organizing a TUR4all Party

Participating in TUR4all is completely free, you only need to register to access all the features. Sign up here

How to get involved if you represent a Private Company

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Did you know that 1 in 3 people have accessibility needs?

In Europe, the population with accessibility needs amounts to approximately 138.6 million, 1 in 5 Europeans. Of this group, 36% are between 15 and 64 years old, and 64% are over 64 years old.

Of all the European Union countries, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are the countries with the highest number of people with accessibility needs.

Being accessible allows you to reach a larger number of customers and prepares you to respond to the trends of a market in which travelers over 65 will soon represent 1/3 of all tourists in the EU.

Furthermore, accessibility does not exclusively benefit people with disabilities. An accessible environment, product or service is more comfortable, easier to understand and use for everyone. Accessibility is synonymous with good quality and a criterion required by various state and regional regulations applicable to the tourism sector.

Finally, if you take into account the needs of customers with disabilities and accessibility needs in your business, you can make yourself known as socially responsible.

We encourage you to promote your facilities and accessible services in TUR4all. Write to us through the following form by clicking here. When we receive your application, we will contact you so that a technician from IMPULSA IGUALDAD visits your facilities and collects your accessibility features. This visit is the first step to include you in TUR4all and advise you on how you can achieve optimal levels of accessibility and customer service for all people.

If your tourist resource meets the minimum accessibility requirements established by IMPULSA IGUALDAD, in addition to publishing your establishment and service in TUR4all, you will receive our TUR4all Accessible Tourism Badge. Este reconocimiento se otorga a los establecimientos y servicios turísticos que trabajan para mejorar la accesibilidad de sus instalaciones y servicios.

By receiving the TUR4all Badge, the accessibility conditions of your facilities and services will be endorsed by IMPULSA IGUALDAD and, therefore, by the various organizations representing people with disabilities in Spain.

How to collaborate if you are a Public Administration

If you are part of a Public Administration and want to become a TUR4all Destination you can contact us here.

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Aimed at City Councils, Provincial Councils, Autonomous Communities, or any other public entity:

The TUR4all Destinations are municipalities, provinces, autonomous communities or territories that have committed to universal accessibility of their infrastructures, urban environments, buildings and tourist services, while contributing to improving the quality of life of their citizens.

The TUR4all Destinations seek to add value to their territory, generating a coherent and comprehensive tourism offer for all people, including accessibility both in the means of tourist information, in their tourist attractions, in cultural and leisure activities and in their means of transportation. That is, in the set of elements that make up the tourist experience.

IMPULSA IGUALDAD collaborates with public administrations analyzing the accessibility of their facilities and tourist services and the management of the same in the destination. All this with the aim of proposing an action plan for its conversion into an Accessible Tourism Destination.

In this regard, IMPULSA IGUALDAD has worked for SEGITTUR in the analysis of the accessibility of the pilot projects for the Smart tourism destinations.

The diagnosis of accessibility of the tourism offer allows to obtain an x-ray of the state of accessibility of the destination and include in TUR4all the resources with the best accessibility conditions. In addition, with this information IMPULSA IGUALDAD creates a tourist guide of the destination for everyone.

Becoming a TUR4all Destination, not only improves the quality and competitiveness of the territory, but also provides with TUR4all a communication and marketing channel for its accessible tourism offer and provides the destination with a plan for the management and continuous improvement of accessibility.