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TUR4all Party

Imagen Fiesta TUR4all

A TUR4all Party is an event in which a group of people take to the streets in an organised and coordinated way to enter data on the accessibility of tourist establishments in their locality into the TUR4all platform from their mobile devices. It can be organised anywhere in the world. To help you organise it you can contact us at the following email: info@tur4all.com


Invite your group of friends, family or work colleagues to go out together and take advantage of that moment of leisure to enter the data on the accessibility of the bars, restaurants or leisure establishments you have been to in TUR4all. Your help is more useful and necessary than you think! Moreover, you'll see that accessibility is a hook.

Also, if you want to organise an activity of greater impact and involve your company, association, cultural centre, neighbourhood, city or municipality, we provide you with the right tools to organise a TUR4all Party and give you the support you need to carry it out.

Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Start organising at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Set a time and meeting point for participants.
  • Invite as many people as possible via social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).
  • Ask us to include in our agenda the details of the TUR4all Party to support you with the dissemination.
  • Familiarise yourself with the TUR4all accessibility criteria and the user questionnaire.
  • Encourage all participants to create an account before the event and familiarise themselves with the platform.
  • Invite the press and media to get a greater impact of the event.
  • The event ends with a playful activity and a snack so that participants can exchange their impressions of the experience. Let's not forget that it's a party!