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On this page, you can find useful travel information, with links to different website providing information about accessibility on all modes of transport; as well as places where, for example, you can have your wheelchair repaired, rent hand bikes, etc. and you will also find emergency travel assistance hotlines.

Useful telephone numbers:


All types of emergency: 112

112 official web page


Telephone: 091

National Police official web page

"Guardia Civil"

Telephone: 062

"Guardia Civil" official web page

Rerd Cross Emergencies

Telephone: 901 222 222

Red Cross official web page

Spanish Institute of Toxicology (INT)

Telephone: 91 562 04 20

INT official web page

Domestic violence

Telephone: 016 - 900 116 016

016 official web page

Directorate General of Traffic (DGT)

Telephone: 900 123 505

DGT official web page

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