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PREDIF and accessible tourism

The inclusion and non-discrimination of people with disabilities is a duty and obligation covered by Spanish legislation. Tourism also needs to take this collective into consideration, as these people have the right to relax and enjoy their holiday time in the same conditions as everyone else.

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Inclusive tourism programme

The aim of this programme is to advance the normalization of tourism, leisure and cultural activities for people with disabilities so that they are able to take part in them and enjoy them the same as everyone else, in keeping with the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol, approved on 13 December 2006 by the United Nations (UN).

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Tourism and spa therapy programme

PREDIF is one of the 10 entities to receive an annual subsidy from IMSERSO (Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, the organisation entrusted by the Spanish Government to manage the programmes and services for the elderly and require care) to organize tourism and spa therapy trips for people with disabilities. The main aim of this programme is to facilitate things and ensure that people with disabilities are able to enjoy tourism and leisure activities in a normalized environment with human assistance. Furthermore, the programme contributes to improve the health of the participants, encourage self-sufficiency and encourage social interaction.

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PREDIF runs bespoke courses and seminars on accessibility and customer care for people with different specific needs in the tourism sector. Furthermore, it runs workshops to create inclusive tourism experiences and products.

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Accessibility consultancy

Providing advice and constancy services on Universal Accessibility in different fields: construction, town-planning, transport, education, etc.

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A specially adapted leisure activity that enables people with disabilities to go on a test flight or take their pilot’s licence, upon completion of their corresponding training course.

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Publications can be split into two main groups: PREDIF’s own publications (either tourist information guides or handbooks and reports on Accessible Tourism) in addition to other publications.

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