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Accessibility consultancy

Image Accessibility consultancy

PREDIF provides specialised Universal Accessibility consultancy services targeting members of ASPAYM and COAMIFICOA Federations as well as public and private-sector entities involved in both tourism or town-planning, construction, transport, health, culture, education, sport, etc.

Through this service, PREDIF advocates self-reliance and improvements in the quality of life of the people it represents, raising awareness about the criteria of Universal Accessibility and Design for All, aiming at agents involved in its implementation.

Los ámbitos en los que PREDIF ofrece asesoría son: turismo, edificación, urbanismo, transporte, cultura, educación y nuevas tecnologías.

An accessible environment, product or service not only ensures self-reliance, safety ad participation of people with disabilities but it is also easier to understand, use and enjoy by everyone.