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Online training

Image Online training

The online training courses have the following advantages:

  • Flexible timetable: you can take the course at the time of your choice without having to leave your home or workplace.

  • Direct communication with teachers: teachers are able to resolve any doubts you might have during the course via the training platform. We also provide a forum where students are able to contact others who share similar interests and experiences or simply to resolve queries.

  • Multiple activities: the curse includes lectures, videos and a variety of different types of exercises to make the learning experience a more pleasant one.

  • Accrediting diploma: after successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded an accrediting diploma of their training course.

Accessible tourism: what is it and how to put it into practice?

This course teaches participants what accessible tourism is, its benefits and opportunities for the sector. It looks at who the potential clients of accessible tourism are and their needs when it comes to actively taking part in tourism and recreational activities. It also provides customer care guidelines.

Furthermore, the course looks at both national and regional laws and regulations on accessibility that apply to the tourism sector. Lastly, it highlights the best practices for accessible experiences in both Spanish tourism destinations and abroad.


  • Discover the concepts of universal accessibility and design for all, as well as their principals.

  • Understanding the concept of accessible tourism, strategies and best practices for implementation in Spain and others countries.

  • Learn about the profile of the main disabilities and disabling situations.

  • Discover the customer care guidelines for people with disabilities.

  • Learn about the key international and national legislation about accessibility and design for all.


This first course in Accessible Tourism consists of three introductory modules that must be taken en bloc.

Dewtails about the course

Price: Price: €200 (VAT not included). As per current regulations, the corresponding VAT rate is 21%, coming to a total amount of €242.

Length: 3 months.

Number of hours: 70 hours.

Form: online.

This course must be completed before embarking on any of the other optional and specialised Accessible Tourism courses provided by PREDIF.

Upcoming courses

  • Accommodation and restaurants – accessible for all.

  • Cultural resources – accessible for all.

  • Events – accessible for all.

  • Leisure and nature – accessible for all.

You're in : Es >> Que-hacemos >> Formacion >> Formacion-online