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TUR4all, "Accessible Tourism for All", is a collaborative platform where everyone can report on tourist establishments, resources and services with accessibility features for all.

When it comes to tourism, one of the recurring demands of people with disabilities and with accessibility needs in general is to have objective and accurate information on the accessibility of the destination, its transport, tourist establishments and services and leisure activities.

TUR4all publishes the set of tourism resources analyzed by accessibility experts and those introduced by users through an evaluation questionnaire.

In addition, users can, among other things, comment on tourist resources and rate their level of accessibility and attention to the public with accessibility needs.

The project

Imagen El Proyecto

In 2012, IMPULSA IGUALDAD and Vodafone Foundation created the first version of TUR4all whose objective was to provide users with reliable information contrasted by experts on the accessibility conditions of tourist establishments throughout Spain.

Until 2016 TUR4all only allowed the consultation of information, but users demanded the possibility of being able to recommend accessible tourist establishments.

For this reason, both entities considered it important to give continuity to the project and turn TUR4all into a community of active users and tourists with accessibility needs into prescribers of accessible tourism.

This improved version allows for:

  • Increasing the database of accessible tourism resources in a collaborative way, making users the protagonists.
  • Creating interaction with the user and among users to form an active community linked to social networks.
  • Internationalizing TUR4all and obtain information on tourism resources outside Spain.
  • Using the platform in 11 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Catalan, Valencian, Basque and Galician.
  • Allowing the managers of tourism destinations, establishments and services the opportunity to know the opinion of their customers with accessibility needs.

As in the first version, TUR4all offers information on physical, visual, auditory, cognitive and other types of accessibility needs of travelers.

Our goal with TUR4all is to improve accessible tourism worldwide. Also to empower tourists with accessibility needs to share information about accessible destinations and experiences and build confidence in others to travel.

We also want to raise awareness among tourist destinations and establishments about the advantages of accessibility for their development and growth, and for their businesses.

In conclusion, TUR4all is a solution for tourists, public administrations and private companies.