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What is TUR4all

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TUR4all, “Accessible Tourism for All”, is a collaborative platform (Mobile App and Web Page) where everyone is able to provide feedback about tourism establishments, resources and services based on accessibility for all.

When on holiday, one of the recurring requests of people with disabilities or with accessibility needs in general, is to be provided objective and accurate information about the accessibility of a destination, including local transport, tourism establishments and services as well as recreational activities.

TUR4all (App and Web Page) contains a collection of tourism resources that have been reviewed by accessibility experts, in addition to those that have been added by users using an assessment questionnaire.

Furthermore, users are able, among other things, to add remarks about tourism resources and allocate an accessibility score as well as score for the care afforded to people with accessibility needs.

The Project

In 2012, PREDIF and Fundación Vodafone created the very first version of TUR4all the aim of which was to provide users with accurate information checked by experts about the accessibility of tourism establishments across Spain.

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How to take part in TUR4all

We need you! We want you to help us to collect information about the accessibility of tourism establishments and services where you are or those that you visit while on holiday. The aim is enable more people to travel and get the most out of their tourism destinations by being able to take part in activities just like everyone else.

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TUR4all insignia

The insignia is awarded to public and private-sector tourism establishments that work to improve the accessibility of their facilities and services.

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TUR4all Party

Our priority is to provide as much information as possible so that people with accessibility needs can plan their trip and enjoy tourism and recreational activities in a fully self reliant way. With this in mind, why not collaborate with us.

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TUR4all categories

TUR4all has available 17 categories and 59 subcategories, organizing different resource types and help you search according to your interests.

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