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How to take part in TUR4all

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TUR4all users

If you have accessibility needs, or are a friend of relative of someone with accessibility needs, or quite simply a conscientious citizen, we want to invite you to become a TUR4all user and help to advocate accessible tourism in Spain and around the world.

We need you! We want you to help us to collect information about the accessibility of tourism establishments and services where you are or those that you visit while on holiday. The aim is enable more people to travel and get the most out of their tourism destinations by being able to take part in activities just like everyone else.

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Private company

Did you know that in the world, 1 in every 3 of us has accessibility needs?

In Europe alone there are approximately 138.6 million people with accessibility needs, and that equates to 1 in every 5 Europeans. Of these, 36 % are aged between 5 and 64 and 64% are 65+.

Of the countries that make up the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are those with the highest number of inhabitants with accessibility needs.

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Public administrations

If you form part of the Public Administration (Town/City Hall, District/Regional Council, Regional Government or other pubic entity) and would like to become a TUR4all Destination, simply get in contact with us here.

TUR4all Destinations are municipalities, provinces, autonomous regions or territories that have chosen to advocate the universal accessibility of their tourism infrastructures, city landscapes, buildings and services, helping in turn to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

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