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Public administrations

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If you form part of the Public Administration (Town/City Hall, District/Regional Council, Regional Government or other pubic entity) and would like to become a TUR4all Destination, simply get in contact with us here.

TUR4all Destinations are municipalities, provinces, autonomous regions or territories that have chosen to advocate the universal accessibility of their tourism infrastructures, city landscapes, buildings and services, helping in turn to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

The idea behind a TUR4all Destination is to add value to the territory, creating a tourism that is both consistent and comprehensive for everyone, including accessibility to tourism information in the media, to popular tourist sites, to the cultural and recreational activities available and to the transport system. In other words, to all elements that are part of the overall tourism experience.

PREDIF collaborates with public administrations to review the accessibility of their tourism facilities and services and how best to manage them. The aim of this is to put forward an action plan to become an Accessible Tourism Destination.

Along these same lines, PREDIF has been working with SEGITTUR to analyse the accessibility of pilot projects for Smart Tourism Destinations (http://www.segittur.es/es/DTI/)

Running accessibility diagnostics of tourism resources enables us to provide an overall snapshot of the degree of accessibility of the Destination and to include its accessible resources in TUR4all. Then, with this information, PREDIF is able to create a tourist guide of the Destination for everyone.

Becoming a TUR4all destination not only improves the quality and the competitive edge of the destination, but TUR4all also provides a communication and marketing channel for its accessible tourism resources and provides the destination with a plan to manage and continually improve its accessibility.