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Did you know that in the world, 1 in every 3 of us has accessibility needs?

In Europe alone there are approximately 138.6 million people with accessibility needs, and that equates to 1 in every 5 Europeans. Of these, 36 % are aged between 5 and 64 and 64% are 65+.

Of the countries that make up the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are those with the highest number of inhabitants with accessibility needs.

Being accessible allows you to reach out to a larger number of clients and sets you in line with market trends whereby elderly visitors (65+) will soon represent one third of all EU tourists.

Furthermore, accessibility is not only advantageous for people with disabilities. An accessible environment, product or service is more convenient, easier to understand and use by everyone. Accessibility is synonymous with good quality, and so is being in compliance with the different national and regional regulations that govern accessibility in the tourism sector.

In short, if you take into consideration the needs and requirements of people with disabilities or with accessibility needs in your business, then you are being socially responsible.

We highly recommend that you promote your accessible facilities and services in TUR4all. Get in contact with us by completing the following forma.

When we receive your request, we will get in contact with you so that a PREDIF accessibility expert can visit your facilities and review your accessibility.

This visit is the first stage in being included in TUR4all and would give us an opportunity to advise you as to how best to achieve the highest levels of accessibility and provide the highest levels of customer care to everyone.

If your tourism resource is in compliance with PREDIF’s minimum levels of accessibility, not only will your establishments and services be published in TUR4all (App and Web page), vous recevrez notre label de tourisme accessible. you will receive our PREDIF Accessible Tourism insignia. The insignia is awarded to tourism establishments and services that make the effort to improve the accessibility of their facilities. Additional information is available from the following link à « TUR4all insignia ».

The awarding of the TUR4all insignia means that the accessibility of your services and facilities has been attested to by PREDIF and by extension, the different organisations that represent people with disabilities in Spain.