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If you have accessibility needs, or are a friend of relative of someone with accessibility needs, or quite simply a conscientious citizen, we want to invite you to become a TUR4all user and help to advocate accessible tourism in Spain and around the world.

We need you! We want you to help us to collect information about the accessibility of tourism establishments and services where you are or those that you visit while on holiday. The aim is enable more people to travel and get the most out of their tourism destinations by being able to take part in activities just like everyone else.

With TUR4all, end users are the focus and are able to:

  • Add new tourism establishments and services to the platform by filling out a short questionnaire that helps to provide information to everyone about their accessibility.

  • Add remarks about establishments and services published by PREDIF or other users.

  • Include additional information about establishments added by other users.

  • Based on their own experience of the accessibility of tourism resources and the customer care provided to people with accessibility needs, allocate a score from one to five stars.

  • Add to their list of favourites the establishments they frequently use or others that they would like to recommend.

  • Follow other users and communicate with them too.

Users can also become TUR4all ambassadors in their town or at their organization, by promoting the use of the application to their friends, family or work colleagues, or organizing a TUR4all Fiesta. More information available here.

Being part of TUR4all is completely free of charge. You simply need to register to be able to have access to all the functions. Register here.