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TUR4all Insignia

TUR4all Insignia. Working towards Accessible Tourism TUR4all Insignia. Working towards Accessible Tourism

What is the accessible tourism insignia?

The insignia is awarded to public and private-sector tourism establishments that work to improve the accessibility of their facilities and services.

The TUR4all insignia highlights the commitment of your company or organisation to its clients and people with accessibility needs, making you stand out from other tourism resources.

The insignia was created by tourism and accessibility experts and the criteria are based on Spanish national and international accessibility regulations and best-practice guidelines. These criteria enjoy the consensus of national organisations that represent people with disabilities in Spain.

What are the benefits?

  • It provides objective and accurate information about the accessibility of your facilities and services for clients with disabilities, the elderly, and families with children, allowing you to take advantage of a larger market share.

  • It promotes your establishment on our TUR4all Accessible Tourism web page and App.

  • It facilitates the implementation of a system to both manage and continually improve the accessibility of your facilities and services and by extension will result to improvements in the quality of your services as a whole.

  • It continually provides you with advice on accessibility.

  • It allows you to promote your business or organisation as being socially responsible by your commitment to accessibility, to people with disabilities, and to people with accessibility needs in general.

What does TUR4all actually assess at the tourism establishments?

The assessment covers accessibility needs as a whole: physical, visual, hearing, cognitive, sign-posting, food intolerances, allergies and others. It analyses the following fields based on the accredited level of accessibility:

TUR4all - Basic:

  • The accessibility of tourism facilities.

  • The information provided to clients about the accessibility of their facilities.

TUR4all Premium:

  • The accessibility of tourism facilities.

  • The accessibility of services aimed at the general public.

  • The information provided to clients via the different communication and media channels: web page, mobile apps, printed material, etc.

  • The management of accessibility through the different organizational procedures.

Each of the levels reflects compliance of rigorous standards that organizations are measures against and the achievements with regards to accessibility.

How do you get the insignia?

Our PREDIF accessibility experts carry out an on site universal accessibility diagnostic analysis, specifically designed for tourism establishments. Afterwards, we provide advice about the category of TUR4all Insignia your business or organisation is eligible for and any accessibility improvements that we recommend be carried out.

Please contact us at distintivo@tur4all.com and schedule a meeting with one of our assessors today or send us your contact details by filling out this form.