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TUR4all Party

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Our priority is to provide as much information as possible so that people with accessibility needs can plan their trip and enjoy tourism and recreational activities in a fully self reliant way. With this in mind, why not collaborate with us.


By inviting a group of friends, family or work colleagues to go out together and take advantage of the opportunity to add, together, information about the accessibility of the bars, restaurants or recreational activities you have enjoyed. Your assistance is more useful and necessary than you could imagine! Furthermore, you will see for yourself that accessibility is addictive!

Similarly, if you wish to organize an activity with a greater impact and bring your company, association, cultural centre, neighbourhood, city or municipality on board, we can provide you the appropriate tools to organize a “TUR4all Party” and we provide the support you need to carry it off.

A TUR4all Party is an event where a group of people go out onto the street in an organized and coordinated manner to add information about the accessibility of tourism establishments where you are from into TUR4all. This can be carried out anywhere in the world. If you need help organizing it, you can get in contact us at the following email address: info@tur4all.com

To organize your own “TUR4all Party” take a look at the following helpful “Tips”:

  • Begin to organize your event at least 2 weeks in advance

  • Set a time and a rendezvous point for those taking part.

  • Invite the maximum number of people using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).

  • Ask us to include the details of your “TUR4all Party” to our calendar so we can assist with disseminating the event.

  • Familiaríze yourself with the TUR4all accessibility criteria and with the user questionnaire.

  • Encourage all those taking part to DOWNLOAD the application before the event, and register as users and familiarize yourself with the App.

  • Invite the press and the media for greater exposure and dissemination of the event.

  • Round off the event with some kind of recreational activity and a snack so that those taking part are able to exchange their impressions of the experience. And don’t forget that it is a fiesta!

  • For more details please read the dossier we have prepared for organizers of “TUR4all Fiestas”.