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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is TUR4all?

TUR4all is an App where you can find information about the accessibility of different tourism resources around the world. You can register tourism resources yourself, providing information about their accessibility, and there are also resources that have been checked by accessibility experts.

How does TUR4all work?

TUR4all is free to use, and you can browse without the need to register, but you do need to register to be able to add new tourism resources.

Is there someone I can contact if I have questions?

If you are not yet a registered user, simply send an email to: info@tur4all.com; info@tur4all.pt (Portugal)

If you are a registered user, search for the TUR4all profile, and you can send a message directly.

How do you install the application?

The application is available for Android y iOs, just enter into Play Store or iTunes and search for TUR4all, click on install and it will download onto your mobile device.

Si tu smartphone es antiguo y no soporta la aplicación, o tienes un dispositivo con Windows Phone o Blackberry puedes utilizar nuestra web www.tur4all.com que se adapta a cualquier dispositivo.

To whom do the data about the resources belong?

The database of tourism resources published by accessibility experts and users on TUR4all belong to PREDIF and Accessible Portugal.

Why am I unable to find some resources in TUR4all?

Try using different search options such as location as the resource might have been registered with a different name.

Many times, establishments have an official name and then a name they are more commonly known by; in TUR4all we register the official name if the resource has been visited by one of our technicians, whereas users might us the name it is more commonly known as.

Our database contains contributions from both users and the work of our technicians, but there are many tourism resources, so in many cases it is simply because we have not come across them yet.

Why not simply register a resource that you have been unable to find and tell us about its accessibility; if you do not know it very well but you think it might be interesting to include, simply send un an email and we will do our best to visit it.

What type of resources are there?

For all TUR4all categories and sub-categories, simply click here.

Registering and login

How can I register with TUR4all?

You can register via the Web or the Application, in the "Take Part" section you will be asked for some basic information and in less than a minute, you are registered.

What do I need to register?

We want TUR4all to be a strong community, where we provide accurate and reliable information, which is why we ask for your first and last names to identify yourself, as well as an email address which is essential for getting in contact and registering a new resource.

You can also register using your social network profile (Facebook and Twitter), in which case you should give us permission to access your details so that we can access your details and connect with our platform.

How should I log in?

Log-in is carried out using your email address and the password you have chosen.

I have forgotten my username

Your username is always the email address used to register.

I have forgotten my password

Simply click on the "Forgotten your password?" button, located in the "Take Part" section, and you will be sent a password recovery email.

Can my personal details be seen?

No, your personal details are private and are only used to interact with you.

What details are other users able to see?

They are only able to see your alias and any photo you attach to your profile.

Adding resources / Tagging them as favourites

Do I have to register to add a resource?

TUR4all is free to use and users can browse resources without needing to register, but to be able to add tourism resources, allocate an accessibility score or add remarks, registration is required.

What happens if the resource I wish to add already has an entry, but I do not agree with the information that appears there?

If the resource has been added by another user, please check the “last updated” date and if you have more up-to-date or contrasting information, you can modify it directly by clicking on "Modify resource".

If the resource has been visited by one of our technicians, please simply add a comment and then contact us.

How can I add a resource to my favourites?

Simply click on the white heart that appears at the top left-hand-side of the photo of the resource. You will know it has been added to your favourites because the heart turns red.

Where can I view my favourites?

Within the user profile is a menu with the “My favourites” option. If you click on it, all resources tagged as favourites will appear.

How can I delete a resource from my favourites?

Simply click on the red heart that appears at the top left-hand-side of the photo of the resource. It will turn white and will no longer appear on your list of favourites.

Editing resources

How can I delete the photos of a resource?

You are unable to delete photos of a resource. If you have uploaded a photo by mistake, use the moderator button and we will receive an alert to correct it.

Why should I upload a photo of a resource?

If there are photos of resources such as restaurants, shopping centres, theatres, etc. people with a physical disability can quickly decide if the resource is accessible for them or not. For example, they can see if they can navigate a step at the entrance on their own or if they will require assistance from someone else.

Furthermore, some people find it difficult to fully understand from a description what the bathroom facilities are like, whereas with a photo, they can clearly see where and how the grab bars are located, and therefore decide if they can make the transfer or not.

What should the photos be like?

If possible, try to include the name of the resource in the photo (for example a sign above the door at the entrance).

Try to ensure that photos are in landscape: All image formats are accepted (jpg, tiff, png).

The maximum size of the archives should be 2MB.

How am I able to edit the details of a resource?

If you have not yet sent us the form, you only need to modify it before confirming the data.

If you have already sent it or was created by another user, simply click on the "Modify resource".

You are only able to edit data of resources created by you or other users, whereas if the resource was created by one of our technicians, please get in contact with us.

How do I add photos to a resource?

In each of the sections of the accessibility questionnaire, there is a button to add photos. You can add a maximum of five photos per section.

How do I delete a resource?

You are unable to delete Resources. If you have created a resource by mistake, contact us and we will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Add a comment about resources

How do I add a comment about a resource?

You can add a comment about any resources, whether they were created by you, by another user or by one of our technicians; the only requisite is to be a registered user.

Why is it useful to add a comment about a resource?

In our reports, we provide objective information about tourist establishments, so each individual can decide, based on their own capacities, if it is adapted to their needs.

And each individual has a different way of travelling, but they might be similar to those of another person, so by adding comments you are helping to better understand your experience, it informs other travellers as well as the establishment and ourselves, and helps to improve things.

I have a lot to say and one comment is not enough. How else am I able to express my opinion?

How about writing an article for our Blog, where you can provide details of your experience and this information will be of assistance to other travellers, land the establishments will also take note to be able to improve.

I have changed my mind. How do I delete a comment?

You are unable to delete comments. If you have changed your mind, please simply write a new comment to correct it; comments appear in order, from the most recent to the oldest.

Why is my comment not appearing?

Comments that are offensive or that use unsuitable language shall be deleted by the moderator; should you consider that your comment is correct and that there is no reason for it to have been deleted, please simply send us an email.