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Accessible Portugal

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Since 2006, the brand, ACCESSIBLE PORTUGAL, has grown to become the institution for the promotion of Accessible Tourism for All in Portugal. It its current legal format, considered to be the most appropriate for its aims, this private, non-profit Association is an entity that qualifies tourism supply and demand for all segments of the market according to their distinctive characteristics. Accessible Portugal promotes the development of areas that are gearing up to welcome a diversity of clients / tourists from a growing market, improving the quality of the lives of residents who also have a diversity of needs that must be satisfied.

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Fundação Vodafone Portugal

Fundación Vodafone Portugal is a self-funded, non-profit entity whose aim is to contribute to the development of the Information Society, fight the digital divide and disseminate mobile communication technologies. All projects are important because they provide technical innovation for the development of Society, but some stand out for their scope and significance and for the way in which they help to build a more sustainable and fair future.

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Logo Turismo de Portugal Logo Turismo de Portugal Logo ENAT Logo ENAT

TURISMO DE PORTUGAL, the Portuguese Tourist Board, is a Public Institution, which, within the scope of its attributed functions and powers, is responsible for coordinating the promotion of the country as a tourist destination, and in this regard, is also responsible for guaranteeing the structuring and monitoring of initiatives and projects that develop national tourism and allow it to grow.

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