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Centro Interpretativo Património (CIP) Fernão de Magalhães

Culture - Museums / Exhibition rooms

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The Interpretative Center is a space for disseminating the county's heritage, which invites the visitor to walk around and get to know Ponte da Barca. The center is divided into three thematic areas: human occupation in the municipality, the room intended for living in the territory, and the Fernão de Magalhães room, which pays homage to the maritime adventure of this navigator, explaining to the visitor his birthplace, Ponte da Barca, his journey through life, his adventures on the circumnavigation journey using the most modern technologies. Access to the Interpretive Center is through the Interactive Tourism Store. (automatic translation)

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Rua Conselheiro Rocha Peixoto, 9 4980-626 Ponte da Barca
Ponte Da Barca, V.N. Muía, Paço Vedro Magalhães, Ponte Da Barca (Viana do Castelo)

Tel +351 258 455 246

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