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Conservas Pinhais - Factory Tour

Culture - Museums / Exhibition rooms

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The Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour includes a visit to the factory, in the various stages of production. It is necessary to underline that the visit is made to a factory in operation, and the activity that the visitors will attend will be the activity planned by the production team for that day. For this reason, and considering the sardine catch limit, Pinhais cannot guarantee that visitors will watch the fish being handled on every visit. Before the start of the visit, each visitor must disinfect their hands and reinforce hygiene before entering production. The use of protective equipment is mandatory and these will be provided by Pinhais. For food safety reasons, food, personal objects, ornaments or medicines are not allowed to enter production. At the end of the visit, visitors should place the disposable equipment in the appropriate containers.

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Avenida Menéres, 700 4450-179 Matosinhos
Matosinhos e Leça Da Palmeira, Matosinhos (Porto)

Tel (+351) 22 243 42 75

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The accessibility of this tourism resource has been analyzed by experts


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