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Museu Etnográfico "Uma Casa Alentejana"

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| Automatic Translation | The “Casa Alentejana” recreates a typical Alentejo house from the first decades of the last century. An old Alentejo house, belonging to a modest rural family, was recreated, with its small bedroom and living room, where there is no lack of the traditional Alentejo chimney. Outside there is also space for a small vegetable garden, with an olive tree and a bed of aromatics (coriander, pennyroyal, oregano, thyme, mint, among others), indispensable in the traditional gastronomy of the parish. The pieces on display – furniture, clothing, domestic utensils, crockery and agricultural implements – are part of the great wealth that the Association has been collecting (through gifts and donations) over the four decades of its existence.

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Rua António Serafim dos Santos, 7150-308
Orada, Borba (Évora)

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