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Museu Monção e Memórias

Culture - Museums / Exhibition rooms

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This museum space, located on Rua da Independência, portrays the history of the people and the territory, housing the life and feeling of the people of Monção, over the centuries. It provides interactive media, models, photographs and videos and gives relevance to “Monção no Feminino”, an area where the role of women in the creation and development of this municipality is highlighted. In the outer space, a work of art by Bordalo II, the mythical Coca, dragon of Monção's imagination, made from garbage. In addition to being a central element of cultural and tourist promotion in the municipality, the Monção & Memórias Museum stands out as an example of urban rehabilitation. (automatic translation)

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Rua da Independência, 4950-467
Monção e Troviscoso, Monção (Viana do Castelo)

Tel +351 251 649 009

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The accessibility of this tourism resource has been analyzed by experts


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