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Praia de Monte Gordo - EB 2021

Nature and beach - Beaches

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| The beach was visited during the 2021 bathing season | The human occupation of this place is ancient, having been reduced for a long time to fishing communities. Now the colourful boats and their fishing gear are confined to one section of the beach, the remaining sandy area being occupied by restaurants, bathing and recreational facilities and sports areas. Having been a pioneer in the history of tourism in the Algarve, Monte Gordo is still an important tourist centre. The central sector of the beach is framed by a lively coastal avenue with gardened spaces, areas for staying and multiple tourist facilities. The atmosphere is one of the warmest, driest and brightest to be found in the Algarve, and the sea is known for its tranquillity. (automatic translator)

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Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 8900-412
Monte Gordo, Vila Real De Santo António (Faro)

Tel 281510000

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The accessibility of this tourism resource has been analyzed by experts


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