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Templo Ecuménico Universalista

Monuments - Religious monuments

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Temple for the spiritual reflection of people of different religions, open to non-believers, promoting fundamental values of humanity and religions, such as Truth, Goodness and Morals. The Temple emphasizes tolerance and respect for those who are different. It represents the creation of humanity by Homo sapiens, inventor of spirituality, brotherhood and the search for truth. The Temple is a monument dedicated to Peace, which pays tribute to the victims of fundamentalism and religious intolerance and includes an Observatory of Religions, which provides the visitor with facts, chronological data and information on the history and evolution of the 15 most religious visions. significant. It has an area dedicated to intolerance and conflicts based on religious difference. (automatic translator

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Miranda do Corvo, 3320-154
Miranda Do Corvo, Miranda Do Corvo (Coimbra)

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The accessibility of this tourism resource has been analyzed by experts


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